About Haker's Work:

  • Ross Haker explores the questions arising from the art-technology divide.
  • Can computers and machines be creative?
  • Are there emotional elements that algorithms-deep learning are unable to generate?
  • What happens to the role of the artist if intelligent technology can surpass human creation?
  • Will there be a Last Artist?
  • Are humans coupled with technology inherently more creative than either alone?
  • Does a work made by a computer have meaning?
  • Haker does all the coding, tooling, editing, painting, drawing, and stop motion.
  • Haker composes the music, plays all the instruments, writes all the poetry, and produces the mixes.
  • Speech synthesis uses AWS Polly. Music is composed in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
  • Images are generated using a number of tools and custom code.
  • For the best experience, Chrome or Firefox is recommended.
  • iOS Safari will provide the most limited experience.

Issues and Inquiries:

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  • Other requests will be answered as appropriate.